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Pet Emergency: What to Do

  1. Stay Calm
  2. Call (727) 786-5755
  3. Be prepared with info:
    • Type/Breed
    • Details of problem
    • Any changes
  4. Be aware. Pets may bite if ill or injured.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 5:30PM-7:00AM
Weekend: Saturday Noon -
     7:00AM Monday morning
Open 24 hours

(727) 786-5755


30610 US Highway 19 N,
Palm Harbor, FL 34684

One block north of Curlew Road on the west side Please call ahead for advice and so we can prepare your arrival.

Directions to
Veterinary Clinic

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Map to Our Veterinary Clinic

Pet Surgery

No one wants to think about their beloved pet needing surgery.  However, with many emergency illnesses and injuries, surgery simply cannot be avoided.  If surgery does become necessary in the treatment of your pet, we have a state-of-the-art surgical suite that can give your pet the care and treatment that he needs.

What kind of surgeries do you perform?

Our surgery suite is designed for emergency and urgent care procedures.  In order to keep our facilities open and available for emergency patients, we do not perform any type of routine surgery – like spaying, neutering, or teeth cleanings.  That way, patients who need the surgery facilities the most will always have access to them.
We provide surgeries from simple laceration repair to abdominal exploratory and Caesarean sections.

How does the surgery process work?

Our emergency veterinarian will start by coming up with a comprehensive plan that covers your pet’s treatment from beginning to end.  We will go over all of the preliminary treatment that can be – or already has been – done.  Then, we will explain exactly what will happen during your pet’s surgery, and what kind of post-operative treatment or rehabilitation that your pet may require.

Just like human surgeries, all of our pet surgery patients receive carefully-monitored anesthesia.  And, just like with human surgeries, anesthesia does come with a risk – albeit a tiny one – of complications.  However, you can rest easy knowing that your pet will be carefully monitored by our emergency experts and by state-of-the-art monitoring equipment.  Your pet’s anesthesia will be as carefully administered as if you were walking into a surgery of your own.

We also provide full pain medications before and after the procedure.  Our #1 goal is to keep your pet as comfortable as possible before, during, and after surgery.  We will not hesitate to prescribe pain medication if we believe that it will help your pet feel better.
Our surgical suite features many of the same tools and equipment that you see in human operating rooms; they are just specially-built to accommodate animals.

During every surgery, we use a variety of equipment to monitor each animal.  Our equipment will keep a constant eye on your pet’s ECG, blood pressure, and blood oxygenation.

Animal surgeries can mean the difference between life and death for some patients.  By using our surgical suite, you can get the best possible treatment for your loved one.