The 3 Steps to Flea Prevention You’ll Ever Need

No feeling is worse than when you realize your dog or cat has fleas. No matter how clean your pet is, if the environment is right (which it normally is in warm, sunny Florida), there is a risk that fleas will want to settle down in your pet’s fur. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips to make sure this doesn’t happen.

1. Treat the Outside of Your Home

It’s best to take an offense approach in flea prevention. You want to make sure the conditions of your environment are so unappealing to fleas, they won’t event think about invading your home and pet. This starts with your yard, if you have one. Make sure you regularly trim your shrubs and mow your lawn as fleas love a place to hide.

Seal in any cracks and openings in your garage, shed, or deck so that wild animals (typically rife with fleas) can’t get it. Don’t encourage strays by leaving food outside of your house. You can find flea sprays and treatments for your yard at most hardware stores. It’s also worth having pest control come every now and then to spray the perimeter of the house.

2. Keep Your Home Clean Indoors

Although having fleas in your home doesn’t necessarily mean your house is dirty, paying close attention to certain areas will make those pests feel less welcome. Fleas love carpets and rugs, so vacuuming regularly is always a good defense. Don’t just vacuum high traffic areas, make sure you get under the sofa and bed, under cushions, and anywhere your pet spends a lot of his time.
Wash your pet’s bedding, crate, and toys often, using hot water to kill any suspected flea eggs and larvae.

3. Arm Your Pet

You may want to opt for spot-on flea and tick treatments for your pet. These topical treatments can be rubbed on your pet before they go outside and after they return home. Consult your veterinarian to determine which flea control products are the safest and most effective for your pet. A flea collar is also a good defense, and these collars are sold at most pet stores. Another great tip is good ole’ fashion avoidance. Avoid places where fleas are very prevalent, like dog parks.

Your pet doesn’t have to suffer from flea bites and irritation. These 3 steps will ensure that your home and pet have the best defense against those horrid pests.