Are Microchips Necessary?

Losing your furry friend can be incredibly frightening or worse if there’s no way for him to be identified. There are quite a few ways to increase the chances of return, including collars and tags. However, pet microchipping has quickly become the preferred option. If you are debating if microchipping your pet is worth it, read on to learn why this should be your go-to option.

Unfortunately, there is always a chance your pet can become lost even if you are the most careful of pet owners. Though someone can discover a lost pet’s owner through his tags or collar, these objects can also become lost or damaged.

Even more upsetting, it’s a sad reality that dogs get snatched off the streets, out of yards, and outside of stores all the time. These thieves can easily remove your dog’s tags and then how will you prove that he’s yours?

The fact is, microchips offer a permanent identification option that collars and tags just cannot provide. Microchips cannot be lost or stop working, and thieves rarely try to remove them. If your lost dog is found by someone, a chip will help them be able to contact you. If someone is claiming your pet as their own, you now have irrefutable proof with the chip that he belongs to you.

There are other cool things microchips can come in handy for as well. For example, you can install a pet door that is programed to recognize your pet’s chip and only let them into the house. Microchips do not work like a GPS device, however. They do not track your pet’s every move. Only a person with a pet microchip scanner can read your pet’s microchip.

Additionally, just because anyone with a chip scanner can read your pet’s microchip, that doesn’t mean they automatically see your personal information. All that is on a microchip is your pet’s ID number. The person who scans the chip must contact the pet recovery service associated, give them the ID number, and they will use it to find your information on file with the company and contact you. That way, your information stays secure and strangers do not have access to your phone number and address.

For an increasing number of pet parents, microchipping is the go-to option for loss prevention. Shelters deal with far too many animals that are rescued but have no way of being returned to their owners. Rest easier knowing that because you microchipped your pet, there is a far greater chance of being reunited if tragedy strikes.