When you arrive at our animal emergency room, the first thing that will happen will be a complete examination of your pet. Our emergency veterinarians are specially trained so that they can examine pets quickly and effectively.

We know how gut-wrenching it can be to have a sick or injured pet. After all, they cannot talk and tell you exactly what’s wrong with them! Our team of experts will work quickly to figure out exactly what the problem is and how to solve it while making sure that both of you are OK.

How does the examination process work?

Each examination will be based on the pet’s condition when it is first brought in. We treat animals that are in the severe condition first.

If the patient is not in critical condition, it will be examined in one of our exam rooms. We will start by taking your pet’s vital signs – like temperature, pulse, and respiration. While we are getting your pet’s vitals, a technician will ask you for a brief medical history on your pet. We have more comprehensive forms for you to fill out, but we ask for the most important information up front so that we can figure out exactly how to diagnose and treat your pet.

If your pet is in critical condition, we have a triage area where we will stabilize your pet. Any pets that arrive badly injured or bleeding are immediately taken to our triage area. Once we do that, we can do a comprehensive exam and discuss any further diagnostics or treatments with you.

How much treatment can animals get in the exam rooms?

Whether your pet is examined in a traditional exam room or in triage, you can rest easy knowing that we have all of the necessities right at our fingertips. Just like in human emergency rooms, we have an extensive collection of tools like IV fluids, oxygen, and emergency supplies. That way, your pet can get the quick support and treatment that he needs.

And, as an added benefit, all details of your visit will be faxed to your regular veterinarian once your pet is discharged, so that all of the information, diagnoses, and treatment can be included in your pet’s permanent medical records.

No matter what the problem is, we are trained to provide diagnoses and treatments quickly so that your pet doesn’t have to suffer any longer than necessary.