National Mutt Day: Why Mutts Are the Best!

Often overlooked, mixed breed dogs make up the largest percentage of dogs that are euthanized in the US. Here’s why you should adopt a mutt and save a life!

A mutt is simply a dog that has parents of different dog breeds. We all know if two Boxers mate, their offspring will obviously be Boxers as well. A Boxer and a Dalmatian, however, will make a bunch of Dalmatian/Boxer cross puppies. Furthermore, if one of those Dalmatian/Boxers meets a Boxer/Poodle later on, their offspring will be thoroughly mixed breed doggies, or mutts!

There are many advantages of having a mutt over a purebred dog. Mutts typically live longer than purebreds as well as have fewer health problems down the line. Many purebreds have congenital disorders that their purebred offspring will almost certainly inherit. A mutt, however, has three or more different breeds in his genetic makeup, and as a result, he has less of a chance of developing a congenital disorder.

Inherited instincts like herding or digging, that are associated with certain dog breeds, are also less pronounced in mixed breed dogs. A mutt that is part Dachshund may still feel the urge to dig, or a mutt that is part Border Collie may still instinctually want to herd. But, because these dogs have a variety of breeds in their genes, these urges will be felt to a much lesser degree and can more easily be trained out of their system.

Don’t think you will be able to tell what breeds are in a mutt’s genes just by looking at him. A DNA is the only way to know 100% what a mutt’s genetic makeup is. That also makes it more difficult to predict what types of behavior a mutt will develop, because you just won’t know which inherited traits will come out dominant or suppressed.

Mutts add so much variety to our lives, just by the sheer fact that they are free to be individuals! Instead of worrying that your shy Labrador is not “acting like a true Lab” or being disappointed that your unfriendly Beagle is not “acting like a true Beagle,” you can accept your mutt for who he or she turns out to be.

Hopefully, by now your mind is opened to all the ways a mutt can improve your life. Now help save theirs and adopt a mutt today!