Pet Poisoning

Poisoning – Plants, Medications, Other Substances

Always seek help from a veterinarian in all possible cases of poisoning.


A very small amount of antifreeze can be fatal, particularly in cats. Typically pets are exposed when a car radiator leaves a spill in the garage or driveway. The best treatment is prevention. Unfortunately, antifreeze toxicity is often diagnosed after it is too late, after severe organ damage has occurred.


Plants in the Lily family, including Christmas Lillies, are deadly to cats.


Cat owner should not keep Tylenol (acetaminophen) in the house. It is very toxic to cats. Do not use any product that contains Benzocaine on cats or dogs. This drug alters blood so it cannot carry oxygen.

Marijuana, Mushrooms, and Other Illicit Drugs

Should your pet ingest any of these substances, seek immediate veterinary attention. Be honest with your vet about the situation. Veterinarians are not the police and are only concerned about your pet’s welfare. Otherwise, your veterinarian will eventually figure out the cause of the pet’s illness anyway, while wasting precious time before giving proper treatment.

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