Pet Safety on Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend has come and barbeque planning is already underway. While you relax with your furry companion, make sure you keep these five safety concerns in mind so that you all have a relaxing, and safe Memorial Day.

Keep Water on Hand at All Times

It is so important that your pet has access to fresh water, especially if you plan on a trip to the park or a barbeque in the back yard. Dogs get much thirstier and much more quickly than us humans, and even cats can overheat if there’s no available ways to cool themselves down. Both dogs and cats love sunbathing but to ensure heatstroke does not occur, make sure the water bowl stays clean and filled as well as provide ways to your pet to get much needed shade throughout the day.

Keep an Eye on the Grill

Along with keeping the kids well enough away from the grill, stay vigilant about your pets as well. Hot grills, lanterns, and candles pose just as much of a threat to an unsuspecting pup. With grills especially, the smell of that amazing barbeque is enough to make your dog or cat come sniffing for a possible taste. Keep them far enough away that they do not eat something they shouldn’t or knock the grill over.

Loss Prevention

If you choose to spend this Memorial Day at the park with your furry friend, be sure to keep him leashed. With so much going on, cool sights, scents, and noises, you pet is bound to let curiosity get the best of him and go exploring. It is for that reason a busy, congested area is prime opportunity for a pet to become lost.

For extra security in case tragedy strikes, make sure any pet you allow outdoors is microchipped. We’ve previously talked about the benefits of microchipping, but the main advantage is having a permanent device on your pet that can quickly identify him if he is ever lost.

Be Careful with Special Food

It’s understandable to want to give your pet an extra special treat during special occasions. But we advise you not to offer pets table scraps or leftovers. Many of our favorite Memorial Day foods, like corn on the cob, do not agree well with our pets. They can cause digestive problems that may even require surgery to be removed. Your leftover rib and chicken bones can also prove to be choking hazards. Be sure to clean up any spills and instruct guests not to feed your pet as well.

Keep Your Pet Away from Fireworks

If you decide to end a relaxing Memorial Day barbeque with some exciting fireworks, it’s best to leave the pets at home far away. Fireworks are loud and pets will easily become terrified because they do not understand what is happening. If your pets have easy access to fireworks that is also a huge safety risk so ensure that they steer clear.


Enjoy your day off with your pet but always keep in mind the safety of both you and your furry friend.