Pets Don’t Make Good Holiday Gifts

Having a pet is a fun, rewarding and wonderful thing, but they are also a lot of responsibility. Pets may seem like great presents for your children or family members around the holidays, however, getting a new pet around such a busy time, can cause stress for not only you, but your pet. We’ve gathered information to help you make informed, thought out decisions before buying a pet as a present.

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Pet for the Holidays:

  • Pets require a lot of attention – especially when they are introduced in a new environment
  • Pets need time to adjust, and those first few days in a new home are critical
  • It’s hard to train a puppy when you have a house full of guest.
  • The gifts, gift wrap, food and other items are hazardous to your new pet’s health- and when you’re busy this time of year, it’s hard to keep a constant watchful eye on them.
  • Holidays can be very noisy and make your pet nervous or upset.
  • You will need to supervise new pets and children when they are together to prevent any harm coming to the child or pet.
  • When pets are nervous or scared they do not behave as they normally would, especially when in a new environment. This is an important fact that many people forget when giving a pet as a gift and they are returned soon after because the pet isn’t behaving as they thought it would
  • If your family member is asking for a pet for the holidays it’s important to discuss and make sure they understand the responsibility involved in owning and taking care of a pet.

Before getting any sort of pet, especially a dog, it’s important to do extensive research on which type of pet to get. Just because a dog is cute, does not mean they will always be a good fit your family. It’s important to research these main things:

  • Which breeds do well with children, or large families
  • How active is the breed and how much exercise and attention do they need
  • Many of the breeds that require a lot exercise and interaction will become destructive and misbehave if not given the proper routine they need. It’s important to make sure you will have the available hours these pets will need.
  • Will they have future expensive medical problems.
  • Certain breeds are prone to cancers, breathing problems, back problems, joints problems and more. Its important to research each breed before you buy to make sure you will ond day be financially ready when these medical problems will occur.

Again, pets are great additions to many families, but always remember to do your research and make sure your pet becomes a great family member that you love and not a just a pet you keep for a few weeks around the holidays and then realize you weren’t ready.