Pool Safety and Your Pet

Your pets may like to join you for an afternoon of sun and fun by the pool. Pets love to be part of family festivities. Some dogs especially love to swim but pools can become a danger if precautions are not taken to keep your family and pets safe.  Following are some suggestions for safe family fun on hot summer days.

Install a barrier fence around your pool and always make sure you close the gate.  The best option is to install a fence with a self- closing and self- locking mechanism. Here are some examples of pool fences that will help keep your pet safe http://www.protectachild.com/pet-safe-fence.html.  Another option is to install a pool alarm that will alert you if any human or animal friends enter the pool. You can find a selection of pool alarms here http://www.poolguard.com/.

Most dogs know how to swim, but small puppies and elderly dogs can be especially at risk for drowning. To help your dog get out if he accidentally falls in the pool, install a Scamper Ramp.  A Scamper Ramp will set up on the side of the pool and extend into the water to help a trapped animal make it safely out.  Here you can find Scamper Ramps for purchase http://www.skamper-ramp.com/home.asp?pid=1.

Always keep fresh drinking water available for your pet. Discourage your pet from drinking chlorinated water as it can make them sick. If your pet takes a dip in the pool, be sure to rinse him thoroughly with fresh water. Pool chemicals can cause skin irritation in some pets and just as with humans, may irritate their eyes. Always keep all pool chemicals safely locked up.

Make sure your pet isn’t getting too much sun. A shady spot should always be available because even pets, especially dogs with very short or light hair, can get a sun burn. Watch for signs of overheating. These include lethargy, unresponsiveness, disorientation, bright red tongue and gums, vomiting, diarrhea, glassy eyes, and seizure in advance stages.

Follow these tips to avoid an emergency and call your veterinarian if you suspect your pet has been affected by the sun.