Selecting the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle

Getting a new dog is an emotionally complex decision. You want your new furry friend to have an easy time fitting into your life. Here are some practical things to consider when choosing a dog.

Consider Where You Live

For active dogs who love to run through wide open spaces, it’s crucial to live in an area that lets them fulfil that need. Suburban houses with backyards and parks nearby fit well with the lifestyle necessary to support these types of dogs, while urban areas where any kind of greenery is quite a distance away will have a harmful affect.

Consider the Size of Your Living Space (and the size of your dog)

Speaking of housing, size definitely matters when choosing a dog. A Great Dane or even Dalmatian will not fit well in your small studio apartment. Consider a dog’s full-grown size when choosing, look past the small puppy you’re cradling in your arms at the moment.

Consider Child-Friendly Dogs

Some dogs tolerate children better than others. Golden Retrievers are the classic family pet while Dalmatians are known to bite. While kids love picking up small things, Chihuahuas do not like being picked up by noisy or rough kids and can act out aggressively.

Consider Your (and your neighbor’s) Tolerance for Noise

If you live out in the country where neighbors are few and far between, a vocal Beagle will be no problem. You may also prefer a dog who loves barking if you want a protective pooch who will scare off intruders and alert you to danger. On the other hand, if you live in an apartment with thin walls or just prefer to get a good night’s sleep, Bulldogs are great apartment dogs that don’t bark a lot.

Consider the Shedding!

Many people want Huskies because they are beautiful dogs who are loyal to their human, but many don’t realize just how much they shed. If you are a low maintenance pet owner who doesn’t want to be bothered with too much vacuuming, sweeping, and grooming, a short haired dog will better suit you. If you’re heart is still set on that Husky, having hardwood or tile floors will make the daily cleaning no problem at all.


While it’s fun to take those online quizzes that choose dog breeds for you based solely on whether you’re a couch potato or an exercise enthusiast, it’s important to ask other, more practical questions to make sure your new dog has an easy transition into your life.