Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Exams, surgeries, accidents. These are among the common healthcare services pet parents all around must deal with every day. While we all would do anything for our pets, many hesitate when faced with the veterinary bill.

Luckily, pet owners now have plenty of options to choose from so that they never have to make the choice between saving their pets or their wallets. Pet insurance is available to guarantee your pet gets affordable healthcare, so they can live long, healthy lives.

Pet insurance, like human health insurance, alleviates the high and mounting costs of keeping up with the health of your pets. Insurance plans cover a variety of scenarios, from common injuries from accidents to more specific hereditary conditions that affect certain breeds.

Most pet insurance plans cover injuries, but if you desire extra coverage, there are plans that cover veterinary exams, imaging (Cat Scans, MRIs, Ultrasounds, etc.), behavioral therapies, and surgeries. There are even insurance plans that cover alternative therapies, the loss or theft of a pet, and the death of a pet.

The more coverage you desire, of course, the higher you should expect the costs to be. There are premiums you should take into account, that rise or fall depending on your animal’s breed, age, and even your geographic region to account for the varying pet care costs across the U.S.

You should also consider deductibles associated with your pet insurance plan, which can be between $0-$2,500. These deductibles are amounts you should expect to pay out of pocket before your coverage kicks in. Higher deductibles are usually associated with plans that offer more of your money back through reimbursements.

Pet insurance works largely through reimbursements. Human health insurance typically works through copays, a percentage of your total procedure costs you must pay out of pocket while your insurance company handles the rest. With pet insurance, you must pay the full cost of a procedure out of pocket and later be reimbursed a percentage of that cost by your pet insurance company. Reimbursements are anywhere from 20%-100% depending on the policy.

Never again do you have to make the choice between your pet and bank account. Pet insurance now provides pet parents everywhere with an affordable way of ensuring their pets get the care they need. While more comprehensive policies can become more pricey, pet insurance generally averages $22/month for dogs and $16/month for cats. That’s nothing compared to the peace of mind pet insurance will bring you!