It was a great experience during a scared time.

We arrived at approximately 9:30 PM and were taken in immediately. My four month old kitten was limping and crying, we were quickly attended to.

Honeybear was treated for a bite and was better in a few days. I even called the next day as I didn’t see improvement and the staff was very compassionate and gave advice over the phone.

If ever needed again in the future, I would definitely return.

Thanks to all!

Kelly W.
Trinity, FL


The Vet was wonderful as was her team/support staff.

My Bichon, Jazzy had a litter of puppies and the 3rd week, she developed Eclampsia. I had no idea what was wrong with her, she was very sick. I called at 10PM and they told me to come right down with her.

As soon as I walked in I was helped and Jazzy was diagnosed, the Vet started treatment and four hours later we were able to go home. I highly recommend Animal Emergency and Urgent Care, best I’ve ever been to. They saved Jazzy’s life that night. Me, my husband, Jazzy and her pups are forever grateful!

Nikki Oldaker

Extremely nice and very knowledgeable…

We just moved to the Palm Harbor area with our two dogs. We were sure to get a new vet right away as our dogs are getting older and we wanted to make sure that we had something set up in case one of them became ill. Well, we were not quite prepared for what happened. I came home from work to discover that one of my dogs had totally shredded up a sheet, tore up our carpet and basically trashed our apartment while I was gone. I was pretty sure it was our Lab, Zoe, as she is known for such things. Imagine my surprise when my shepard mix, Payton, started vomiting 3 days later. I was trying to hold it all together as I drove to the nearest Vet Hospital but inside I was a wreck. I knew he could have a possible bowel obstruction as I had gone through that with our lab. The last thing I wanted was to have my 8 year old shepard have to undergo surgery!

I was really lucky that the nearest hospital happened to be Animal Emergency and Urgent Care on US 19 in Palm Harbor. The vet and staff were extremely nice and very knowledgeable. My biggest concern was having to put Payton under to do a surgery. The team took it all one step at a time. When we did discover that Payton still had pieces of the sheet in his stomach, our doctor went out of his way to try to find a clinic that would perform an endoscope on the weekend so Payton could avoid surgery. When there was no guarantee that an endoscope could get all of the sheet out of his stomach, he recommended that we simply try to make him vomit it all up. As x-rays showed later, his recommendation worked, and we saved Payton from having to have surgery, which can be a big risk with older dogs. I have been to many animal hospitals with my two babies and although all of them cared for my pets, I have never been to one that listened to my concerns and really worked with me to find the least invasive way to help my pet. This vet was a surgeon and he could of just as easily convinced me to do exploratory surgery. I would have done anything to save my dog. But he didn’t, he did what was safest and best for Payton and for me. I was so relieved to have found this animal hospital and although I hope I never will have to go to one again, when I do, it will be to the team at Emergency Animal and Urgent Care!

Kim and Tom Rihel


I would highly recommend Animal Emergency and Urgent Care

Precious is a little grey beautiful bundle of joy I have had for over 10 years now. She is gentle and suits her name perfectly. She is one of my “Children”. So when I came home and found her screaming on my bathroom floor, I was terrified and rushed her to Animal Emergency and Urgent Care on Highway 19. On the way there, she was fading fast; I could feel her slipping away from me.

When I got to the hospital I was immediately taken into a room and precious was looked at. As the veterinary technician was assessing her, I was impressed with how gentle and caring she was about it and then giving me a towel to wrap Precious in to keep her warm. Precious had lost half her body weight due to Anemia and a bacterial infection. I didn’t have to wait long for the Doc. Precious started panting, and she was immediately put into a warming oxygen cage. Our veterinarian told me that she needed a blood transfusion. He never once asked me if I wanted to put her down, even though I had already been told that she was close to death and there was a 30 to 50 percent chance for her to make it with the transfusion. He gave me the facts and had me make the call. I chose the transfusion. Luckily for Precious, this animal hospital has Donor cats right in the hospital. They are not kept in cages either, they were roaming freely. Precious was so weak that she actually died during the beginning of the process. The vet was able to revive herĀ and do the transfusion, and now after some care, Precious has gained weight steadily, she has a nice shiny coat, bright eyes, and is the same little loving cat that I fell in love with.

A heartfelt thank you to the doctors and their staff.

Lynn Vincent
Clearwater, FL