Traveling with Your Pet this Holiday Season? These Tips are a Must

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are coming up fast, do you know how you will be traveling with your pet? Whether or not this is your first time traveling with your pet, here are some essential tips to ensure traveling is a smooth process for all.

Traveling by Car

Train Them Young. Prep your dog or cat by taking many short car rides prior to your long trip. Not only will this get your pet accustomed to being in the car, you may also find out if your pet gets overly anxious or sick from car rides.

Secure Your Animal.Your dog may like to stick his head out the window, your cat may enjoy having free reign in the backseat. But each year, hundreds of pets get injured or killed from car accidents because they were not properly restrained. A pet seat belt, pet car seat, or crate is essential when traveling by car.

Traveling by Plane

Book Direct. Reduce travel time and stress for your pet by booking a direct flight to your destination if possible.

Book During Non-Peak Times.
You may hate that red-eye flight but there will likely be less passengers aboard and more cabin room for your pet to feel more relaxed.

Get the Right Crate.
Make sure you buy a USDA-approved shipping crate for your pet. He or she should be able to sit, stand, and turn around comfortably inside the crate.

Talk Airline Staff. Let airplane personnel know you are traveling with an animal so that they can assist you in making your pet as stress-free as possible during your trip.


Before any trip with your pet, make sure you take your cat or dog to the veterinarian for a medical exam to be cleared for travel. Your pet should be up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations as well.

Starting early is also key. Allocate plenty of extra time during travel, usually by arriving early to properly attend to any of your pets needs (food, bathroom, etc.).

Training your pets early will ensure easier travel in the future for you and your pet. However, if your pet cannot tolerate traveling no matter how much training, you will need to have a list of pet kennels, dog sitters, and friends on hand to take care of your furry friend when you go out of town.