Your Visit To The ER

Your Pet’s ER visit should be reassuring.

It’s an anxious time when your pet is sick or injured. So a trip to the emergency animal hospital should be a reassuring experience– not one made difficult, inconvenient, or more stressful. That’s why Animal Emergency of Countryside focuses on your comfort and the comfort of your pet at all times during the course of your emergency visit. Our philosophy is to provide prompt, excellent care –with an emphasis on immediate relief and both pain and stress reduction for you pet.

Your Visit To The ER

What to expect during your ER visit, along with helpful pointers

When you call ahead, the technician will advise you on any immediate actions you need to take, obtain basic information, and make sure you have good directions to Animal Emergency.

Prompt service. Upon arrival, your pet will be brought to an examination area ASAP. While your pet is being examined, a technician will work with you to complete brief admission paperwork.

Minimized Waiting. We always strive to provide immediate relief and comfort to your pet, while minimizing waits in the waiting room. Animal Emergency has an excellent track record keeping waiting times short. By nature, the volume and severity of emergency cases are uncertain. If necessary, priority will be given to the most critical cases, including your pet.

Open Communication and Treatment Options Explained. The attending veterinarian will update you on your pet’s condition, offer you treatment options when appropriate, and answer all your questions. Feel free to ask questions until you’re comfortable with the information being given to you.

Frequent Updates on Your Pet’s Condition. If your pet needs to be hospitalized, a deposit will be required. During hospitalization, if your pet condition changes significantly for better or worse, you’ll be notified. Also, you will be notified if cost estimates change significanlty as a result.

Comprehensive Medical Record. When your pet is discharged, you will be provided a full computerized medical record. A copy will be sent to your regular veterinarian as well. Also, full payment for the visit is due at this time. Cash, personal checks, Visa, Mastercard, America Express, Discover, and Care Credit are accepted methods of payment.